Faith & Organizing Panel


ICWJ Executive Director Rev. Wayne Riggs, ICWJ Co-President Rev. Beth Johnson, and ICWJ Board Member, Imam Taha Hassane, had a great time this morning speaking to CPI’s Students for Economic Justice this afternoon on a “Faith and Organizing” Panel. Below are a few of the inspiring words shared:
Imam Taha Hassane: “If there is any injustice done to any living creature, I am mandated by my faith to stop it.” “Our nation is in need to hear the voice of social justice.”
Rev. Beth Johnson: “I can’t not do justice work. My faith is grounded in interconnectedness and my privilege demands that I participate.”
Rev. Wayne Riggs:

“The world does not need wall builders, but bridge builders. But you don’t build bridges by yourself — you connect with others who are passionate about bridge building too.”

Thank you, The Center on Policy Initiatives and the #SEJ Fellows for the opportunity to participate!