Action Against Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

This afternoon, we joined San Diego Fight for 15 – Lucha por 15 and other unions and community members to say, “Enough is enough!” to sexual harassment in the workplace, specifically in the fast food industry. Sexual harassment is UNACCEPTABLE. EVERY worker deserves dignity and respect – in every form! We called on McDonald’s to set the standard in the fast food industry!




ICWJ Supports Lab Corp Workers

Today, the ICWJ marched with many community allies and unions in solidarity with LabCorp phlebotomists calling on the company to recognize the union. These workers are concerned not just for themselves, but for the safety and well-being of their patients. They are understaffed and are concerned that the quality of care for their patients is not being prioritized. We will continue to stand with these workers as they struggle for a voice on the job, quality healthcare, fair pay, safer labs, justice for their patients!

Labor in the Pulpits

SEIU 221 member leader, Drucilla Willis, spoke to Chalice Unitarian Universalist Congregation in Escondido this morning for ICWJ’s Labor in the Pulpits ProgramWe are so glad that Chalice Unitarian Universalist Congregation participated in our Labor in the Pulpits Program again this year! Thank you SEIU 221 and to Drucilla Willis for so boldly sharing your story! #investinsdfamilies #fightfor15

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Fight for $15 Conference


Last weekend we traveled to Richmond, Virginia, to join thousands of low-wage workers in making a clarion call for economic and racial justice.


The #Fightfor15#BlackLivesMatter, and #ImmigrantRights joined together as one movement to stand up to the legacy of our country’s oppressive and racist history that continues to exploit and oppress today.


What an honor to march beside such incredible people and what a privilege it was to hear their stories.


ICWJ Stands with Burger King Workers!


This afternoon, we stood with Burger King workers in National City who are enduring unsafe working conditions that include lack of adequate ventilation and air conditioning in hot kitchens and bathroom breaks that are required by law. Many workers have been diagnosed with UTIs and kidney infections because of the lack of bathroom breaks and others have had trouble breathing in poorly ventilated kitchens full of greasy air. The ICWJ joined Burger King workers in demanding fair working conditions for people worthy of dignity and respect!  In the photo above, Rev. Wayne Riggs, Interim Executive Director of the ICWJ, speaks out on behalf of the thousands of people of faith and conscience across San Diego County represented by the ICWJ saying that no human being should ever have to endure these kinds of conditions. #Fightfor15SD

We Support Prop I!


This morning, Rev. Wayne Riggs spoke on behalf of the ICWJ to City Council to let them know that we support the will of the people in ensuring that all employers adhere to the new minimum wage and provide 5 earned sick days for all employees. We were joined by several organizations and allies in sharing public testimony. #PropI


Faith & Organizing Panel


ICWJ Executive Director Rev. Wayne Riggs, ICWJ Co-President Rev. Beth Johnson, and ICWJ Board Member, Imam Taha Hassane, had a great time this morning speaking to CPI’s Students for Economic Justice this afternoon on a “Faith and Organizing” Panel. Below are a few of the inspiring words shared:
Imam Taha Hassane: “If there is any injustice done to any living creature, I am mandated by my faith to stop it.” “Our nation is in need to hear the voice of social justice.”
Rev. Beth Johnson: “I can’t not do justice work. My faith is grounded in interconnectedness and my privilege demands that I participate.”
Rev. Wayne Riggs:

“The world does not need wall builders, but bridge builders. But you don’t build bridges by yourself — you connect with others who are passionate about bridge building too.”

Thank you, The Center on Policy Initiatives and the #SEJ Fellows for the opportunity to participate!