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Great people who care.  They are a blessing to our region.

Alex Chavez Fernandez

An incredible organization that does so much to advocate for and improve the lives of hard-working families in our community.

David Kegg

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Action Against Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

This afternoon, we joined San Diego Fight for 15 – Lucha por 15 and other unions and community members to say, “Enough is enough!” to sexual harassment in the workplace, specifically in the fast food industry. Sexual harassment is UNACCEPTABLE. EVERY worker deserves dignity and respect – in every form! We called on McDonald’s to set the standard in … Continue reading Action Against Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

ICWJ Supports Lab Corp Workers

Today, the ICWJ marched with many community allies and unions in solidarity with LabCorp phlebotomists calling on the company to recognize the union. These workers are concerned not just for themselves, but for the safety and well-being of their patients. They are understaffed and are concerned that the quality of care for their patients is … Continue reading ICWJ Supports Lab Corp Workers

Labor in the Pulpits

SEIU 221 member leader, Drucilla Willis, spoke to Chalice Unitarian Universalist Congregation in Escondido this morning for ICWJ’s Labor in the Pulpits Program.  We are so glad that Chalice Unitarian Universalist Congregation participated in our Labor in the Pulpits Program again this year! Thank you SEIU 221 and to Drucilla Willis for so boldly sharing your story! #investinsdfamilies … Continue reading Labor in the Pulpits

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